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Pediatric and Adolescent Patients Referrals for Therapy

Connect your patients with a trusted source for cognitive behavioral therapy that is covered by most insurance plans.

Online therapy for children, teens & their families

Supporting children and teens and their families through life’s unique challenges.

Wellfam provides online therapy for relatively healthy children and teens, age 10-18, that are experiencing situational challenges (such as changing schools, relationships issues, and other challenges children face as they grow) by putting long-term personal relationships with clients at the heart of everything we do so each person feels the esteem and confidence that comes from feeling consistently loved, supported and valued.


What you need to know.

Client input Needed

quality mental health services for families

How we work together.

  1. A physician suspects a mental health issue and refers the patient to a Wellfam clinician. 
  2. A Wellfam clinician suspects a mental health issue but needs information on the physical health of the patient to rule out any physical health ailments that could present as mental health issues. 
  3. A clinician diagnoses a mental health issue and follows up with the physician so the physician can prescribe medication at their discretion.

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